"We are the sign."

So, most of you know, I’m a Programs Coordinator for the Houston Coalition for Life. Our mission is “Ending Abortion in Houston, Peacefully & Prayerfully.” What that means in practice is building a presence of prayer outside Planned Parenthood’s mega-abortion-facility, training sidewalk counselors, raising community awareness…and offering free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, counseling, and referrals inside of a mobile Crisis Pregnancy Center (known formally as “The Mobile CPC” or with more casual affection as “The Big Blue Bus”). Whatever you want to call the thing, we gleefully park it right outside Planned Parenthood.
Every. Single. Working. Day.
So, in addition to plotting all kinds of exciting pro-life events, I sometimes work on that bus.
I guess sometimes when you’re around something every day, it can be easy to forget how special it is.
I know occasionally I let that happen about our bus. Since I’m there so often, I forget what an incredible thing it really is.
God has a way of reminding me though…
One day I was counseling on the bus, talking to a young girl who was pregnant. She sat in front of me, her baby inside her and her own mother next to her, and she was scared. Her mom seemed afraid too, but shared with me that they had prayed the night before that God would show them what to do. That if God had a different plan than abortion, He would give them a sign.
“And then,” her mom said, “We saw this bus…”
Let me tell you, I got goosebumps. There was a little pause, and then words came out of my mouth and I knew, with all my heart and soul, that God had put those words there:
“You know what? I’m the sign. He wants you to have your baby. He can make good out of all of this, He can give you everything you need. It’s only Him that gives life, and He has a plan for you and your baby. So I can promise you, that right now, today, we are the sign. This bus? It’s the sign. He wants you to choose Life.”
I know in my head what the numbers are: 9 of 10 pregnant women going in to Planned Parenthood are getting abortions.
But out on the street, in our big blue bus, the ability to view free ultrasounds inspires 9 out of 10 pregnant women to choose LIFE. And the real help offered gives them the ability to follow through with it.
I sometimes lose sight of how amazing it is: hundreds of people believing in something so much, they’ll give their money, their time, their efforts, and their enthusiasm to keep it going.
That’s what the bus is: it’s the product of the unflagging commitment of people who KNOW what happens when you offer help to a woman in crisis. It’s the outcome of a dedication to the truth being told, freedom being offered, and hearts being open. Even for one baby, every day on the street would be worth it.
But God blesses the efforts of the Houston Coalition for Life and the selflessness of our supporters with this encouragement: not one baby, but 231 abortion-vulnerable moms confirming they have chosen LIFE!
Which actually is 232 kids, because one of our moms is expecting TWINS.
232 kids…
That’s about ten kindergarten classes.
Twenty-one soccer teams.
Over a quarter of Clear Creek’s graduating class.
232 new ways of seeing the world.
232 new sets of ideas on how to make it a better place.
232 hearts to love in ways that no-one else would ever be able to duplicate.
232 families…SPARED the horror of abortion, the loss of a child, and the pain of that trauma.
Having the bus on the street is a powerful and concrete way to be present for these women. The bus is truly a tool God uses to change minds, touch hearts, and save lives. And all those good things for only $250 a day.
On the other hand: $250 a day, six days a week – you can see why we need help, why fundraisers are necessary, why generosity is crucial.
We always have a chance to “be a sign” to let people know that the desire of God’s heart for them is LIFE.
And sometimes, we even get a chance to SAY it. Helping keep the bus on the road is a real way for you to “be a sign,” and your gift truly will save lives.

If you’re interested, we have a Walk for Life going on right now, and you can either become a Walker or help sponsor me.

Please pray…money keeps us on the street, but prayers keep us going.


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