7 Quick Takes: Green Smoothies are from Oz. And other Stuff.

Joining Jennifer’s link-up at Conversion Diary because I have a day off to do whatever I want, so I am procrastinating on the other things I want to do to share (possibly overshare) a wee smidge with you. Behold, the miscellany:

1. How to Survive a Green Smoothie

So, I’m doing my very first detox thingy later this month and it involves green smoothies. I got sick once right after drinking a green smoothie. It had nothing to do with the smoothie, I just happened to be coming down with the flu but was still in denial about it and so I drank a green smoothie right before…well, you know. Anyway, I decided I was going to overcome this mental aversion to green smoothies yesterday and added spinach to my smoothie recipe that normally comes out a lovely fluffy pink. While I watched the blender do the fatefully verdant-looking deed, I said to myself with no small amount of firmness (and desperation), 
“Self, this is simple. Your name is Dorothy.”
Self *staring at the green whirlwind encased in the traitor blender, gulping nervously* : “True.”
Me *sternly*: “Your name is Dorothy, and you are in the Emerald City. Your smoothie is really pink, but your green glasses just make it look green. It’s ok. You’re just in Oz.”
Mind games, dude. It’s like when you’re running, and they tell you that when your knees start to hurt you should imagine pulling yourself forward with your hands or the pavement pushing your feet back up…it’s freaky but it works. For a while anyway. And the Oz trick worked long enough to make it through the breakfast that was disturbingly reminiscent of foliage. And what they say is true: you can’t taste the spinach, so that’s nice. Either that or the mindgames were a little more effective than we really need to discuss.

2. Reading Lewis. Again.
I’m skimming through the Chronicles of Narnia and having a great time. Blog post coming on something Narnia-related, so I needed a refresher course. I would tell you more but then, what would be the point of a post? Be excited.
3. What I want to be when I Grow Up (Except, plus Catholic):
Oh. Em. Gee. This is so awesome (and true). With six kids in our family we definitely heard these questions. I am really hoping God gives me a lot of kids because I have had plenty of time to think up all the smarty replies I would use. Plus if I have eleven or so kids than I could do my own version of this, which would be universally popular, no? Except to the “Are you Catholic?” one I would say, “YES, and we’re trying to take over the world!” I may or may not insert a maniacal laugh, I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, here’s the non-denom version of the future self I wouldn’t mind being:

4. The Best Picture possibly Ever-EVER

Let’s just take a moment to be overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of adorableness on display.
Aaaand, we’re back. My sister took this ridiculously adorable picture a few weeks ago of herself and our middle nephew. I can’t stop staring at it. It’s on my phone and my desktop and I know, I know – I am a creeper. But seriously, it just captures both of them so well. LOOK HOW CUTE. And his little feet…this is the nephew who so brilliantly discovered his toes in the middle of the plague we had last spring, so maybe I am just very attached to his sweet little ones but I really do think his feet are just outrageously cute, as is the rest of him.

5. Bizarrely, Build-a-Bear.
I don’t know. I haven’t been in prolly about 8-10 years. But the other day I was suddenly seized with a powerful urge to go to Build-a-Bear and, ya know, build a bear. Oh, feel free to make fun of me, there is nothing you can say I haven’t already said to myself. This is ridiculous. As soon as the thought jumped into my head I started mocking myself for being so ridiculous. How sappy and sentimental is Build-a-Bear?!? I mean, it’s one thing to go as a kid, it’s a totally different one to go as an adult WITHOUT even a kid as an excuse. I’m blaming this on Alex. The fact that someone as un-sentimental as me should suddenly have such an incredibly SENTIMENTAL desire to go to a place where you have to “choose a heart for your teddy” is utterly beyond me, and the only explanation is this man:

Build-a-Bear. Ridiculous. The crazy things love does to us.

6. Jason Evert being amazing, per usual:
7. And this epic-ness, which I stumbled across:

I don’t know where it came from, but I love it. 🙂
Now excuse me but I do need some breakfast and I’m a little concerned that it might require a trip to Oz. Hope you have a kickin’ Friday, yo.


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