Five Favorites – The Red & Pink Edition

Joining Hallie’s always-fun link-up! πŸ™‚

So. Ladies. *ahem* Friday, is, ya know, special. I know you know. Of course we know. The fellas know too. (Right, guys?)

In honor of this, one of my Very Favorite Days, we’re kickin’ it Valentine-style ’round here. Because I like being cliche sometimes to prove I’m not hipster.


Behold: Five Favorites concerning My Loves, For and About.

1. St. Valentine

I really like him, actually, as a person. I like making sure to remember him on February 14th, even though if you look at the liturgical calendar it really says…St. Cyril & Methodius. Good thing saints don’t get jealous because, poor guys. Makes me giggle every year. But Valentine himself on a scale of cool to epic is way up on the epic side: a bishop of the early Church who presided at Catholic marriages in secret after they had been outlawed. Basically he’s a martyr in defense of the Sacrament of Matrimony. I do so love being Catholic.

2. Most Attractive Man Alive – Alexander the Great

The “George & Mary Bailey” picture, as one friend calls it.Β 
Props to sweet friend Stephanie for her photog skillz.

Also known as my sweetheart. They do not come better than this, I gua-ruhn-tee. My very own Valentine. If you’re feeling in the mood for mush you can check this out. He is gentler than gentle, brilliant-er than brilliant (no really, he speaks at least five languages), patient-er than patient, and far more forgiving of my foibles than I remotely deserve. Also devastatingly handsome, obviously. Plus he does a wicked Jimmy Stewart impression.

3. Nephews

My head is probably going to explode from the cuteness. Yours too, I bet.

These are my sister’s children and the cutest currently alive. I mean, I haven’t had kids yet, so…there’s maybe that. They are the best of day-brighteners and the most infectious of laugh-ers. They are also brilliant. Clearly. Since we are talking about love, they must unquestionably be on any list of favorites.

4. This G.K. Chesterton quote.

There’s really no way to improve on Chesterton, so…there you have it.

5. Chocolate. The End.

How could there NOT be chocolate on a Valentine list? Puh-leez. Now, I like chocolate so dark it almost makes your mouth hurt, so if I’m picking chocolate, this is happening:

Seriously, a bag of these and I’ma be a happy gurl.

However, if I’m making chocolate, then it’s my salted caramel mocha cake balls, but that’s a “complicated order.” Perhaps someday I’ll make them and give you the picture I can tell you’re on the edge of your seat for like this was Pinterest or a legit cooking blog or as if I even know what I’m really doing or something.
Maybe. Or not.

Have fun on Friday! πŸ™‚

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