The Valentine Chronicle(s)

I’m kinda sad that yesterday is over, not only because it’s one of my favorite days but also because I do love a good Valentine meme:

On a serious note, if you were alone yesterday and kinda hate the world for it…I really am sorry your heart is hurting. I was alone last year too and hadn’t even met Alex yet. I said some special prayers yesterday for the people who were alone, so I hope you’re feeling better today. Hugs to you.

So first I ran a bajillion errands all over kingdom come. Actually just three: Ross (cheap dresses!). H-E-B (grocery shopping!), and my sister’s place (VALENTINE!) And it was great. because there’s nothing more fun than finding a cheap dress or grocery shopping (seriously, I love a good grocery trip) or taking your only big sister a Valentine and having a speed-chat with her totes presh bebes. 
A funny thing happened at Ross – I was looking at dresses and found a very pretty one that matched the nail polish I was wearing and the shoes I had at home and the shawl my sister had at home (what?) and was, yes, also cheap. Also knee-length, incredibly. So, obviously, I needed to get it. I almost talked myself into putting it back and then thought, “Oh, no, you should get it for the symphony!” And then I really almost put it back because as much as Alex & I love going to the symphony, we don’t have any plans to go. But for some reason the symphony idea persisted and I ended up walking out with the dress. Call me a Scout, because clearly, I am ready for anything.
Then, while I was in H-E-B, a truly magical place, I got several good newses.
#1. The Raspberries are getting Ready.
Raspberries are my most favorite of all the things. They’re so pretty. Also, they taste the way perfume would taste if that was a thing people did, which they shouldn’t, but if they did and you could taste perfume and it was okay to taste it, that taste would be raspberries, in a very amazing and not-weird way. Anyway I love them and they have been appearing in the grocery stores I prowl on the regular and they are getting prettier all the time BUT…they haven’t had The Smell. What I mean is, personally I find the most effective approach to finding good rasperries is to sniff-test them. And when you find good raspberries, you pick the carton up and sniff a little, and if your eyes close in delight at the whiff of sPrInGtImE then you have found a good box. And yesterday, I found that box. Two of them, actually. We don’t need to discuss what I may or may not have paid for them just look, see, how pretty:
Raspberries are how I imagine Italy smells in the Spring, based on what my sweetheart has told me. I’m pretty confident about that conjecture. Don’t un-illusion me.
Speaking of my sweetheart, this is what I did for him with (some of) the raspberries:
Those, my friends, are honeyed raspberry ice cream parfaits. He was very happy. I’m sure you can imagine.
But back to H-E-B and the other good newses I got while there:
#2. My smart phone told me via email that the Houston Symphony’s guest star got snowed in up north (sorry about that, lady) WHICH meant that now, the Houston Symphony would be putting on a FREE performance of a concert from earlier in the season. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, to be precise. That is one of Alex’s favorites. Can you imagine? No, me neither. The raspberries are ripe and the symphony is free and I already have a dress for that shenanigan so yes, I thought I was livin’ the high life, right there, man.
But wait, it gets better.
After I returned home from my leettle bit of shoppink, my sweetheart arrived (looking, oh my, you guys, SO gorgeously handsome) and informed me that the secret plan which he had previously refused to inform me of was, in fact, going to Build-A-Bear. You may recall, I had been seized a while back with a sudden and utterly ridiculous desire to go. When I reacted with shocked glee, he seemed surprised and said, “Well, you said you wanted to go!” To which I responded by explaining that, uh, YES I wanted to go. I just had no way enough nerve to actually do it without being taken. Because that makes sense.
Before we left, he gave me his other Valentine gift:

Those are perfume flowers to scent everything with. They smell like jasmine and clearly, they are therefore awesome. Underneath are these little candies with an Italian name which I do not know how to spell and you would not know how to pronounce (except Alex, hi, honey! 🙂 ) but the name means “kisses”. On top of them in the box was a poem in Italian about a thousand kisses which is the super-cutest thing ever because, ladies, the candy name = kisses. On a scale of candy kisses from 1-10, Hershey’s are like a 3 and these are totes a 10. They. Are. Delish.
Then off we went to Build-A-Bear and we picked a bear and two little hearts (because, apparently, when it’s a sweetheart bear you both get hearts and put them in together. Yes, I know) and we stuffed the bear and air-washed the bear and dressed the bear and named the bear and did all the things for the bear and felt super ridiculous together and it was AWESOME. Anyway, here, hi, this is Bjorn Olaf:

You say that beeYORN. I know you were wondering so, yes, it’s beeYORN. It’s Norwegian for “Bear.” Because we are the cleverest. There should be a slash-thingy through the o in Bjorn but my keyboard doesn’t know and isn’t cool enough. You maybe get the idea anyway.
Afterwards we went back to being Real Live Adults and hit up the symphony. Also afterwards I tripped crossing the street (don’t judge until you have walked on cobblestones in the hot pink heels that match the symphony dress) but don’t worry guys, it was ok. It was ok because he had my arm through his and he totally caught me on my way down. It was very Gilbert & Anne. I know the other ladies around were jealous of my Slip’N’Slide skillz and proooobably thought I did it on purpose to be caught by El TallDark&Handsome. Which I did not, but might have if I’d been coordinated enough to think of it in advance.
There was more but I don’t want your head to explode from his awesomeness so…we’ll leave it at that.

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