The Lorica + St. Joseph: The Best Ever EVER

While I was driving to work this morning, my sweetheart was reading a prayer over the phone. I’ve heard bits and pieces of it before, but never the whole thing together. It’s called either the Breastplate of St. Patrick or the Lorica (which means “body armor”) of St. Patrick. It is beyond amazing and one of my new favorites.

I especially like “Through the strength of the love of the cherubim,” “God’s ear to hear me,” and “Christ in every ear that hears me.” Amen and amen.

It would deserve it’s own blog post EXCEPT: today is the day to start the novena to St. Joseph. I do recognize his feast day is in March, but this is a 30 Day Novena. It’s a little more time consuming than most of us will probably feel comfortable but it is Worth. It. It’s a little tricky to remember to say it every day for 30 days (and by tricky I mean I haven’t actually managed to do it yet, even after approximately seven attempts). When I miss a day I just add it on to the end of the novena. One of my tricks for remembering to do it is to have it as the page my phone’s internet browser opens to. No Facebook or anything else until after I get through the whole prayer.

In perfect honesty: I am not a perfect pray-er, but I truly do love this novena. So much that I’m doing two of them back-to-back. St. Joseph is a tough habit to kick. πŸ˜‰

Pray it up, y’all!


One thought on “The Lorica + St. Joseph: The Best Ever EVER

  1. i'd never heard of this novena until yesterday when my friend gave me the book and so now i'm doing it. mind you i've only once ever completed a regular 9 day novena and not gotten behind or forgotten! st. joseph let's go!


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