Miscellany – Volume I

There’s been loads of great pro-life stuff out there lately. Since Rodeo season is upon us (in Houston, it’s a Season) I thought I’d do a little round up for y’all.

The Bad News:
I hate to tell you these things, I hate more that they’re happening and need to be told, but if you don’t know they’re going on, you should…
Belgium has become the first country in the world to approve euthanasia for children of all ages.
While you process that, keep in mind that this euthanasia business quickly and easily becomes a booming and unregulated business, where things like an 85-year-old woman having herself euthanized over “losing her looks” can and do happen.
Praying, people – it’s what we need to be doing.

Better News:
Who is Planned Parenthood’s Newest Member? This article is short ‘n sweet ‘n packed with awesomeness. It’ll take you two minutes or less and if you don’t finish it with a huge grin on your face…there’s something wrong with you and you can leave now.
Priest conceived in rape hears his father’s Confession. I have no words…
Aaaand this one is super cool: a 3D printer could allow blind parents to “see” their unborn babies.

First of all, this “Listen to the Beat” video is incredible:

Finally, you possibly have seen the “My Beautiful Woman” video about Jane and June by now. If you haven’t, ohemgee, you really need to. If you have seen it, did you know it’s one of a series? There are two more, and Live Action’s article about them has links to all three. They’re so beautiful…each and every one is worth the minutes you’ll give to watch them. The crazy thing is that Wacoal, the company producing these gems, is actually a lingerie company. Imagine if You-Know-Who’s Not-So-Secret Secret had this much respect for women.

Imagining…Mind. Blown. Anyway, watch the videos, please.

Any other favs? 🙂


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