Five Favorites – Sort of Detox-y, Sort of Not

Linking up for the fun at Hallie’s.

1. Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

Major shout-out of major gratitude to my sweet Gina friend for introducing me to this magical thing. There is maybe not enough in all the places for me to get as much of this as I want, which is good because I can practice all that self-control I’m getting to pray for in my #2 fav. I have liked almond butter for a long time, but after I tasted this I realized I’d been doing it wrong. I got mine at H-E-B, but good luck finding some because Gina and I are stockpiling. We need to not run out of this, everatall.
2. Made to Crave

I heard about this book a lot when it first came out, and I actually read the book itself about a year ago. My sister and I started the Arbonne detox (which I super-like and which deserves its own Favorites post, because, amazing) and we decided to do the Made to Crave Bible study while we were at it. This book has been such a blessing and hopefully soon I can get to the many many blog posts I feel it inspiring. If you’re thinking about checking it out…do. You won’t be sorry.
3. Jane Austen Buttons

I’m not really sure why I didn’t know these existed before, but….!!! Does anybody know where I can get some? I need to decide who I want though – and I’m not sure why the Sense & Sensibility button says WILLOUGHBY and not Brandon or Ferrars. #Rude.
Also I need to decide which one I would want…I don’t know. It’s so hard.
4. The Paperless Post
Cutest e-cards and super awesome app. Just sent out invites for an event using this puppy and they are So. Cute. You can customize a lot if you want to pay a wee sma’ fee, but there’s lots of fun freebies there, too.
5. This Woman.


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