Saturday Shenanigans

Weekends are so great. 

We’ve been making a particular effort to have “recreational weekends” lately. Effort required because we realized a while back that we were in a bit of a “lounge around and veg” weekend rut. I’d like to innocently say this just “somehow” came about but truth be told, I know exactly how it came about: I was a cranky pregnant lady and never wanted to do anything good. Since my bitty baby is turning one this very month (!!!!), you could say it took a while to wear off. 

Judge me. Judge me hard.

Anyway, we have started doing “good stuff” and, you guys, it makes such as difference. Getting out and doing something together as a little family has turned out to be so much more restful than just sticking around at home. Stepping away from the glowing screens has made the weekends feel longer and the Monday mornings come easier. 

So, this weekend. The past month or so we’ve been packing picnics every weekend, so this weekend we decided to do something we’d talked about doing for a while: hiking to lunch. 

I can ‘splain myself.

The Pearl Farmers’ Market is a big favorite of ours. They have a Local Coffee shop, which we love. They have beautiful places to sit and look at their flowers and their waterfalls and their ducklings and stuff. Or just sit and creep on your cutie pie family while they sit and be cutie pies.

They have lots of vendors. Vendors who just started selling PICKLING CUCUMBERS, which I am fuhREAKing out over. You will be hearing more about this. Get excited. 

And, they have an entrance to the Riverwalk.

Now, for most of my life I thought the Riverwalk was this little section in Downtown that had lots of restaurants and some stores and you go through the River Center mall and you walk around and you go back to the mall and you leave. Maybe like a mile or something.

Uhm, yeah no.

It’s a couple miles long. And you can go quite a ways with nary a restaurant or a shop. In fact, as we discovered yesterday, it has some spots which almost feel tropical. Besides, ya know, the pavement.

If you go down by The Pearl entrance, it’s a 2-3 mile trek along the Riverwalk to the restaurant-y part of things.

Which is what we did. Sort of. I’m not actually sure how far we walked, because my world traveler husband intuited some shortcuts through the city, so we skipped some of the winding river stuff. He figures we walked about 5 miles.

Except Miss A, who didn’t walk a step. Slacker.

Not gonna lie, a few moments felt a leetle bit loooong, especially the part where we walked to lunch and so were walking and had not had lunch. I’m sure you can imagine. But then lunch tasted really good because EXERCISE and the walk back was even more pleasant.

Miss A felt the day’s activities merited dispensing with her nap, but since she was being charming about it we decided to let her pretend like she had a say in the business. Besides, we stopped and got Indiana Jones from the library and she fell right asleep once we sat down with our beef stew and cajeta popcorn to watch it, so I’d say I got the last (muffled, don’t wake the baby) laugh after all.


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