Watermelon. Whoa.

With my baby girl’s birthday fast (so fast, much too fast) approaching, I find myself thinking “last year at this time I was doing such-and-such-a-thing” with alarming regularity. One of the things I recalled was how much I wanted a watermelon last year. I never got one because a) I was too busy trying to gauge what a “good” watermelon price was and b) I had no clue what two people were going to do with an entire watermelon. 

Now, growing up, what to do with a watermelon was not an issue. You just waited until your mom or an aunt or a grandmother bought a big one and then you plus a crowd of siblings and cousins amounting to at least a dozen rapidly consumed it. The question was not “is there too much” but “will there be enough?”

Just two people, on the other hand…while being a newlywed has innumerable advantages, consuming a complete watermelon while it is still in its prime is not one of those.

This year, however,  I snapped one up when it hit the price I had deemed appropriate. Since last summer I have gained two material advantages in the pursuit of watermelon bliss: Pinterest, and my baby. Thanks to my frenemy Pinterest I had several ideas in mind for the melon and, being armed with an almost-toddler who can eat her body weight in fruit, I felt prepared. I selected a soccer-ball size specimen, made room in the fridge, stuffed it in, and gave it a few days to get nice and chilled. 

Then I busted into that sucker. 

I cut up a lot. I sliced. I coaxed my mildly interested offspring with some nibbles. I cubed. I saved rinds for rind pickles: “Use it all up!” I thought smugly. I fed my insistent child tidbits. I pulled out containers. I mentally reviewed recipes. I shoveled heaps into the gaping maw of the ravenous melon eater at my knees.
Finally, only half the melon remained.

It began to dawn on me that I was going to need every scrap of help my watermelon pins could give me. 

I had to move on to other activities, but the next day I dragged out the bag of cubed half-melon and got crackin’.

I made a pretty summer salad.  And took a picture for you, of which picture I must say I am quite proud:

It was as tasty as it looks.

I also made Blackberry Watermelon Kombucha Gelee. Which is a fancy way of saying I made fruit-jello-that-is-good-for-you. I would show you a picture of that too, but alas, it is not the salad’s equal in beauty. However, like the salad, it was as tasty as it looked. 

In this case that is not saying terribly much. It had more ingredients than flavor, and since there were only four ingredients…yeah. I tell you this just in case you thought I pinned awesome things and made all the awesome pins and all the awesome things I pinned and made turned out awesomely.  This needs…tweaking. However, it is a totally painless way of consuming gelatin and kombucha, so as probiotic gummies I have to give them a thumbs up. 

Because gummies.

Now you’ll excuse me, I still have to go figure out what to do with half-a-soccer-ball-worth of remaining watermelon.


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