Saturday Shenanigans – Ep.2

In case I’ve never mentioned it…I love weekends. Just, so much.

My poor honey was pretty wiped out after a long week at work, but he still made the trek to The Pearl with me on Saturday morning. We seem to be getting pretty stuck on that place. This week there was an extra excitement – actually two extra excitements. First, after scoping things out for a few trips I was ready to buy the majority of our produce there for the week, and second, Adeline got shoes.

Probably most of you are more interested in the baby shoes than the produce. Let’s start with the shoes, then:

How they were already dirty in this picture I really could not tell you, because this was definitely the very first time she had them on her widdle footsies besides trying them on at the store. Methinks this does not bode well for her future wardrobe.

To answer the question on everybody’s mind right now…no, she doesn’t walk. Well, sort of she can, but she doesn’t. Unless she is holding onto your hands, she will not budge. She just stands there, swaying as if there is a gentle breeze  and grinning fiercely at you as if to say: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, get over here and take my fist so we can get moving NOW.” 

If she’s touching a person, she walks. If no one is touching, there is no walking. When she is touching you she doesn’t really use you for physical support, just mental support.

There are two funny things about her wearing the shoes. Many funny things, really, but the funniest is that she gets this little attitude when she is wearing them. This is easier to show than to tell.. Exhibit A:

Apparently Daddy gets a little bit of an attitude when she wears shoes, too.

The second funny thing is that she occasionally has to stop and check on them. Like, “Oh, my cutie shoes, are you doing okay down there?” 

It’s pretty fabulous. 

Now, for my Farmers’ Market produce. We have been discussing moving towards including more organic produce for a while now, as fruits and veggies really make up the bulk of our diet and going organic seemed like the next logical step in our weirdy hippieness.. After scoping out the organic produce for a while at my regular grocery haunts, I realized that the prices for most organic goodies were really comparable between the Farmers’ Market and the stores. The big difference was appearance: the stuff at the Market just looked so much better. I’m not sure the budget will always allow it, just to get real for a hot second, but it was really fun to do this week. So far I am totally satisfied with the results: the flavor of everything we’ve eaten from the Market is at least double the flavor of its conventional store counterpart. The peaches…I love peaches and these are the best ones I have ever tasted. 

The other factor to consider is : even if the cost of organic is more, I feel we’re getting more per dollar. For example, carrots. With organic, especially at the Market, you get the carrots’ tops. Those lush leafy greens aren’t a throwaway item: they’re not only edible, they’re beneficial. I’m making pesto with mine, and maybe some soups. You know I’ll let you know how that goes. Wink wink. 


2 thoughts on “Saturday Shenanigans – Ep.2

  1. Mary Therese’s grandma bought her those. exact. same. shoes. And they are totes MT’s favorite (and mine, because unlike your little squish who checks on shoes, our little squish takes off shoes and eats them and because these stay on better than the ones we bought for her).
    Besties. For reals.


    1. Ha! So funny! They are so stuck together for life. 😄 Personally I think they should be very grateful to have such stylish women raising them, because someday they’ll look at these baby pictures and be all: “Wow, Mom. I was classy even then.” 🤓


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