I have been trying to write up my little collection of randomness for several days now. Two obstacles have stopped me. One was my child, who became a weird napper this week instead of a regular napper. Which does not make her an obstacle really, it just makes this Hashtag Mom Life. The other obstacle was party decorations. When she was actually napping, I was working on the cool stuff for her birthday party which is in LESS THAN A WEEK which I am freaking out about not because her decorations are not done (see obstacle one) but because MY KID IS A YEAR OLD.

Now that we have that little moment of panic behind us, I will attempt to blog like an adult once again. *Ahem.*

I set myself a minimum goal of two posts a week so, here we are, Saturday Morning Blogging Day. If the baby stays asleep.

Before anything else, I want to let all the lovely ladies know that there is a beautiful Scripture Study beginning on Monday that I can’t encourage enough. This is the third time I’m taking part in this amazing group of ladies and it is so fruitful every time. This go around the theme is our marriage vows, and I can’t wait for Monday morning. 


The first one is actually not from this week, I finished them last weekend but they didn’t make into the post. Since I was so proud of them I decided to go ahead and foist them on you this morning. Behold, my reusable produce bags:

I actually love reusable produce bags. I already had three, but three is not enough around here and I was hunting for more. A plan to acquire 12 more fell through and I was getting frustrated because the little baubles are really kinda pricey. Then, my favorite website, Wellness Mama, came to my rescue for the zillion time and posted a tutorial about making DIY reusable produce bags. I had a massive “DUH” moment and went digging in my craft drawer. 

The material was already on hand (a cotton/linen blend, originally $9.99/yard but paid $1/yard at a store closing sale) so only the cord for the closure was missing. I found some pretty blue paracord at Wal-Mart and spent about $2 for what I used. These took maybe 1.5-2 yards. The best price I’ve ever seen for reusable bags was $1 apiece. I got eight made for around $4, so I’m calling a win. It was fun, I felt like I did something cool, and now there don’t have to be those filmy plastic store produce bags floating around for my child to try to snatch from me while I frantically shovel produce into the fridges and cabinets. I have three more tiny bags in production for things like ginger or limes. They are too cute.

The new project I have, besides the party decorations, is to make a felt quiet book  for Miss A. I’m getting to work with an amazing Catholic mom crafter to bring you guys a review of her e-book  tutorial. Her work is spectacular and I can’t wait to write the review and share with all of you so you can get her e-book and make them too!


First of all, we made a pork tenderloin with a new recipe and my mouth is still watering thinking about it. It doesn’t explicitly say Whole30 or Paleo or anything but it’s a clean recipe and I was excited to find it. Also it was super easy because you get to toss all the marinade ingredients into a blender or food processor, pulverize it, and then throw it in a bag with the pork. It was awesome. You should all do yourselves a favor and become addicted with me. 

Secondly, I did make that a carrot top pesto. 

Oh em major gee yum ness. Carrot tops and basil and Parmesan and garlic and me FOREVAH. We actually pulled it out and put some on that Cuban pork you’re all going to love. In spite of the fact that we were majorly mixing international cuisines with that business it was outrageously delicious. Maybe someday I will open one of those hip fusion restaurant places and it can be Cuban Italian. Or something. I guess really the theme of the meal was “random veggie tops” because we also had roasted beets with beet tops. And pesto with carrot tops. The point here apparently being what a weirdo I am.

Excuse me while I take a snuggle break because my gorgeous husband just brought me a decaf latte.

I’m back now. 


So, as you can see from my little Goodreads widget, still working on Allesandro Manzoni’s The Betrothed. You guys it’s kinda long. But I am definitely getting into it. I see blog posts coming from it in the future. 

I also am finally digging into Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type and think it’s fascinating. My parents recommended it and I’m glad they did…I just need to find out what my type is so I can see what I think about the theories myself. They told me my type when I was pregnant but…I can’t remember. Shocker. 

Nearly finished with Divine Mercy for Moms and I can’t recommend it enough. I actually had a very exciting inspiration about this book and I’m ironing out the details for something you won’t want to miss. So, keep an eye out.  Hee hee

Now I really need to go, as much as I love writing: my husband has turned on South American music and is dancing around the living room with our baby, who has bed head and is chirping like a tiny bird. So, I just cannot focus on this anymore. 

Peace out, cuties.


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