hello, sunshine

Yes, I am still here. No, I did not make my two blog posts last week. I recovered from my baby’s birthday, got sick, recovered from that, and emptied a closet, so…priorities.

I do have some actual blog-y posts in the works, but since my two most important readers (my mama and my mama-in-love) like the weekend recaps with the pictures, the rest of you are just gonna have to wait.

Saturday was not really our big “do stuff” day this weekend, so this can’t be a Saturday Shenanigans post. It was a good day, and it ended with the baby sleeping while the studly husband and I snuggled up on the couch with beef stew, red wine, and David Suchet’s Poirot, so just label the day with hashtag all I do is win and all that stuff.

Sunday we decided to hit up the San Antonio Art Museum. Finally.

My cutie pies obliging my request for a touristy pose.

Nearly two years we’ve lived here and had still not gone. We loved hitting up the free Thursdays at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and since I just heard that our museum here has free hours on Sunday, we realized the time was right to do our intellectual duty and check out the situation. I heard somewhere that it was a very “Modern Arts” kind of place so we didn’t exactly rush over for that. But, since it was free, it seemed worth a shot. Plus it’s right by The Pearl so we had a backup plan in case it was a dud.

It was not a dud. We spent over an hour in just a few rooms (ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome) with many more left to explore. The European section was under construction, so that was disappointing, but we did get to take the skybridge, so that was a consolation.

Miss A really liked the skybridge.

After the art museum, it was getting close to Mass time. We did our quick change into the Mass-appropriate clothes and went to the Basilica of the Little Flower. We love going there since St. Therese is one of our sweet girl’s special patrons.

I planned on having sweet pictures of that, but the baby fell asleep and so…maybe next time.

We switched back into play clothes and hit The Pearl for our fav picnic spot.

Where I proceeded to get real artsy about our pictures. No pictures of the food because that was not artsy. My usual method of packing picnics had prevailed that morning: make meatballs or sausages as fast as humanly possible, then throw in a cooler with ice packs and whatever fruits and veggies I happen to have lying around. It’s easy and satisfying, though not terribly picturesque. Our picnic spot, however, is more than picturesque enough to make up for it.

We decided the treat for the day would be Lick Ice Cream. 

That place. Oh my. 

We haven’t been in months, so I was pretty psyched about it. Lick’s is one of my happy places. Everything is locally sourced and the flavors are right up my alley of weirdness. The funny thing is that, when it comes to ice cream, Alex and I kind of switch personalities. He is normally the exciting-colorful-spontaneous one, and I’m the organize-schedule-keep-it-classic one. 

Not with ice cream. 

He likes vanilla. At Lick’s he likes chocolate. Specifically “Too Hot Chocolate,” which has cayenne pepper in it. He gets it every time. Then he gets vanilla “to balance it out.”

I get…well, I never know what I’m going to get. I may have maybe finally settled on getting “Goat Cheese Thyme & Honey” every time, but I don’t know. This time I got two scoops of that with a scoop each of “Dewberry Corn Cobbler” and “Honeyed Peaches with Rosemary.” My regret is that I did not ask for a sample of the “Blackberry Lime Basil.” Sigh.

Adeline liked all of it.

She’s quick, that one. 

I mean, she really liked it. 

We took a drive through some of the hill country then landed back at home for showers and…beef stew, red wine, and Poirot. We kind of got in a cozy groove with that. Didn’t want to break up a good thing. We’re back to no-Netflix week nights and a roast chicken tonight though, so you don’t think we actually do that every single night. Just Saturday and Sunday. 

And Friday, actually. 

Never mind.


2 thoughts on “hello, sunshine

  1. Next time the C clan is in SA for funskies and seeing y’all, please, please, please, pahlease take us to goat cheese ice cream. That sounds like the place of my dreams.


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