How to Move Like a Boss

Wellp, we moved. It’s done. It happened. It was did.


Two weeks three weeks after (was writing this post a week ago, baby woke up, aaaaand several days later) I still feel like I’m trying to get settled back in to a rhythm, but I feel like I’ve gotten into enough of one to blog about it, so…Hi. 

It’s the second time I have moved a household, the first time being when we got married. Now that I have this vast experience, I feel qualified to write a blog post about it. Well, to be truthful, not feeling really terribly qualified, but what the heck. 

Therefore, here follows my exhaustive list on How To Move Like A Boss.

Read this book.

I quickly lost count of the times I heard or saw references to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I therefore doubt this is the first time you’ve heard of it. There are some parts I found hokey (I didn’t “thank” my individual possessions when I was sorting them) but Marie Kondo’s approach is both practical and creative, and I did think it was worth the read. Definitely helped the sorting process.

Sort Your Stuff.

You guys. The sorting. I think I did maybe three or four rounds. The last round was after I read the book so…just read the book I guess. We were downsizing, which I was and am thrilled about and thoroughly enjoyed. A lot of stuff is gone. And there were three different options when I was sorting:

  • Sell Big Ticket Items – I sold some furniture, some home decor, some kitchen items…I really wanted to have a big garage sale but I don’t have a garage, so I went the modern route and joined a Facebook “garage sale” group. There are some which are more effective than others, so you might want to dig around in your area and see where business booms. These Facebook groups were much easier for me to navigate than Craig’s List or OfferUp, though I know people who do well with those. Just try some out and then sell away…I think I ended up making $250-$300 with pretty minimal effort.
  • Donate – I have a friend who has the patience and expertise to sell pretty much everything she doesn’t want/use. I didn’t have that much patience or time, so I donated a trunk-load (literally, a trunk-load) of stuff to a garage-sale benefiting Opus Dei. That was more fun than dropping off at Good-Will, though I ended up doing that with a few odds and ends toward the finish.
  • Trash. Your. Crap. – (sorry about the language, Mom.) But seriously. In addition to selling a couple hundred dollars of stuff and taking 7-8 bags and boxes to donate, do you know how many garbage bags I filled? Five, you guys. And this from a girl who hates clutter and loves throwing stuff away. When you don’t have the space, you realize how much more stuff you can throw away. And there was a lot. This is the category that benefitted the most from my Kondo reading. It’s okay to throw away stuff that used to be important. Key words: used to be.

Find Some Temporary Housing.

This is super forbidden from a Kondo point of view, but I am (mostly) not ashamed. In a one-bedroom apartment there is just not that much storage, and there are some things that people who live on a budget need to store long-term. For example, baby stuff. Selling it now and buying more when needed seemed counter-productive. I got Adeline’s down to one bucket (half the original amount), but there’s not a place for it here. It went to visit my parents with my Christmas boxes until we need it again. This was super-helpful.

Paint Yo Stuff.

BEFORE you move. We picked a couple of pieces we liked from our collection of gifted furniture and my sweet friend let me crash at her place and use her brushes/sandpaper/rollers/awesome tricks to chalk paint it all white. I like it approximately 17.39 times better now than I did before, and our little place looks bigger with all this light furnishing. Free furniture getting a makeover with a $16 can of paint and help from a friend? Score.

Know Muscle-y Dudes.

My husband, dad, brother, and a friend with a truck helped move all our stuff. Down the stairs of our old second-story apartment, and up the stairs of our new second-story apartment.  Beast Mode.

Have Awesome Moms.

My mama and my mama-in-love packed my kitchen and then cleaned it. Shelves, fridge, stove, everything. It looked pristine. And it was the thing I was dreading most. So, I totally recommend being related by birth or marriage to super helpful and generous women who pack and clean like pros. 

So, basically, learn from the professionals and know the right people. If you hate reading or have lame friends….I dunno. I guess don’t move.  

What did I tell you? Total expert.


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