Photo Dump

Martha said I needed to get back to blogging so…Hi, Mart. *kiss kiss*

I always have the very best of intentions about sticking to blogging schedules and then, LIFE. Which is no excuse I suppose, but when it comes to choosing between husband/baby time and homemaking stuffs versus bloggin’ the blog loses miserably Every. Single. Time. Maybe someday I will be better at balancing all my things like some of the lovely lady bloggers I know. 

For now, I thought I’d show you what it is we been up to. 


We hang out, me and the baby. We call it Smishin’. The reason why we call it that is not complicated. In the midst of the myriad nonsense my daughter and I babble to each other, I somehow came to call her Smish. This nickname stuck, for some mysterious reason. We now generally call her Smish. We use this word in various ways. If she’s being silly, we call her Smishy or tell her she’s being smishy. If she’s being crazy, we call her Smisha. (Pronounced Smeeesha, for your info). If you’re spending time with her doing any activity at all or no activity in particular, you’re Smishin’. I spend a very pleasurable amount of time Smishin’.

As an aside, one of the many benefits of Smishin’ is that whenever you have the opportunity to acquire Dollar Tree fairy wings or jumbo crayons, you should go for it because these things will benefit your life and generally improve the quality of your everyday activities.

On to more specific life events: the studly hubs took the week of our second anniversary off and swept me off my feet in the direction of the Magnolia Silos. I do not fangirl often but when I do, Joanna Gaines is probably involved. Or her shiplap or her subway tiles or her cotton bolls or…anyway.

We left early to get there, stopping in Austin for a cozy Central Market breakfast, where my cutie pies proceeded to ham it up for my ever-ready iPhone camera.

We arrived to Waco in not-exactly-good-because-traffic but also not-awful time, and after browsing the Magnolia market we hit up the bakery, Magnolia Flour.

Which is fabulous but also difficult, because you have to choose from a card and not a display, so I got a Cup o’ Jo cupcake and not a cinnamon roll. Once I saw the cinnamon roll AFTER ORDERING A CUPCAKE I felt like the cinnamon roll and I were star-crossed lovers, but the cupcake was an incredibly delightful consolation and in the end I forgave it for jumping off the menu card at me before the cinnamon roll and I had a chance to lock eyes.

We wandered around the grounds and ate from food trucks and ambled through the garden and took more pictures.

Adeline had many admirers who stopped to awkwardly observe this mini-shoot. Always entertaining.

As you can see from her sweet rosy cheeks, it was hot.

The next big event was going to Houston later that same week for a brief visit with my awesome-sauce family, and returning accompanied by the shining light of the Marty Party. 

With whom we had an outrageous amount of fun for four blissful days, during which we did many fabulous things, including eating great quantities of delicious food and pretending to talk on restaurant buzzers like cell phones.

Until she went back to work, leaving us utterly bereft of sunshine and happiness. 

Well, not quite. 

But it was a pretty close shave. 

After all these excitements there were some days of catching up, but we have now managed to settle back in to our “routine” and I am loving it. I relish my sweet, quiet days of making and doing and homey-ness. 

And Smishin’. Lots of Smishin’.


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