Dawning of a New Era

Well, folks – something spectacular has happened.

I was given a camera.

That looks so calm all typed out, but in person you would see I am FUHrEaKiNg out about this. Beside myself. Having fits. Totally blissed. My sweet sweet friend gave me this incredible anniversary present and I. Am. Psyched. A real camera. A gorgeous, hefty, actual Nikon. Smitten, is what I am.

What this means for all of you is more of your favorite thing about this blog, just in bigger brighter higher resolution than previously known through the iPhone:


This is Miss A, showing you how she feels about not being able to go on our back porch. We’re on the second floor and the bars of the railing are so far apart she could slip right through. Hence, mommy nightmares and panic and BABYGATE.

Yesterday, though, I got brave and decided to line the railing with chairs to buy her a little time for a get-dirty-fun-project. I set everything up very carefully and lifted her over the baby gate.


She was in shock. She sat there staring at dirt and pots and everything in disbelief until the “project” was pretty much done. Then she stuck her little fist right into the pot. Then she rubbed a handful of soil right onto her little face.


After that she was pretty into it.

One of the most fun things about parenthood is how everything can be Just! So! Exciting! Nobody even gets to judge you for it, and if they do judge you then you get to be judgey to them like, dude, I’m with my kid.
Exciting. And Miss A was aaaall about the back porch once she smeared on her soil-y war paint. She was impressed by her custom-made barrier of chairs.


She was chatting about everything.


She wanted to touch all the leaves (and roots, but we drew the line there) of Daddy’s potted plants.

dirt7The amount of dirt she was able to get her fingers into seemed like it was pretty satisfying to her.


Watching the traffic turned out to be fairly enjoyable, as well.


You can imagine what she felt when I told her it was time to head in.


So, Adeline got to dig in dirt and Mommy got to revel in being a for-real-legit-camera-owning paparazza.


A good time was had by all.






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