Monday Musings

Several of you have already seen from my family’s posts that my mom’s mother, Grandmama, passed away on Sunday.

This got me thinking about a lot of different things – I made notes on all of them but I’m waiting for the right moment to write an actual piece. I have lots and lots of sparkling Grandmama-made memories, and I’m pretty eager to get everything set down, not just for me but for Adeline to have someday. I also happen to think all of you may enjoy seeing a record of some of my memories of the delightful lady, because she was a very fun person. 

It being a rainy Monday today, it’s pretty introspective around here. I have bone broth simmering, my teapot brewing, my lamp is lit and all my window shades open. I love rain. It even says so on my bookshelf, and I will show you with the grainy iPad because the laptop needed to show you with my camera is at work with my studly husband.

I love having quiet, homey days when it’s raining. 

We just got back from Mass for the Solemnity of the Assumption. Adeline wore a little onesie with stars on it, because in the first reading it talks about the crown of twelve stars. I didn’t  actually know that was the first reading when I was dressing her, I was thinking of Our Lady being the Star of Sea. I guess my guardian angel worked it all out though. So, that’s my shot at liturgical living for the day. 

With school starting up for Alex and all the great feast days lately, we’ve been having many cozy chats about what we want education and liturgical living to look like for our little family. I’ve been reading a few different books lately, but I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Charlotte Mason and her approach. Based on my reading so far she seems to articulate beautifully what I’d hope for and encompass the whole approach I wasn’t sure existed. 

I’ve been reading When Children Love to Learn and I’m never quite ready to put it down when it’s time for doing the next thing. For example:

“If we want our children to stay hungry for knowledge, remain interested and questioning, enjoy the wonder of discovery, then we must leave them some clutter-free hours for friendship, the great out-of-doors, the rich world of imagination, and the satisfaction of the skilled use of art supplies, music, dance, wood, and clay. Charlotte mason tells us rightly that we should see that this is the birthright of a child, just as a plant should have soil, sun, and water. We must not quench the joy of living.” – SSM, When Children Love to Learn

“Clutter-free hours.” So much yes. This reminds me of what I remember loving most about being homeschooled, and what I feel like my mom did so well for us. I think it’s such a gift for our kids not be too over-burdened with activities and “stuff.” Which will, of course, look different for each child in each family, but…goals. 

Besides having my nose stuck in that book I’m working on meal-planning (starting our second Whole30 on Saturday, I’m so looking forward to it) and Latin-learning, at least until the baby wakes up from her currently-very-sound-sleeps. After a fiasco trying to get chicken in the crockpot this morning, the day appears to be smoothing out. 


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