1. I’m always so surprised when I wake up thinking, “I have so much to do!” And then then baby actually sleep long enough for me to make a dent in my list. We’ll see how far we get here.  It’s 7:45am and I feel so alarmingly productive I think she will be forced to wake up in an impossible mood so that nothing else happens all day except whatever she happens to have in mind. The mamas know what I’m talkin’ about.

2. One of our longtime family friends did the sweetest thing and sent Adeline a fun NASA shirt. 

This is not only adorable but also kind of sentimental, because most of the sweethearting Alex and I did took place in that part of the world. He used to joke about how much money the guys sitting in the jets at the entrance must make (they’re mannequins in model planes.) He still does it when we go back to visit and the first times he did it I thought he actually thought they were real people and now he thinks it’s funny to remind me.

So I get a kick out of this little cutie pie tee because it reminds me what a funny charmer this kid’s daddy is.

We put a little knot in the back because Lisa brilliantly sent a few sizes up, which means Miss A will be rockin’ this awesomeness for a nice long time. Those NASA people clearly know what’s up. I think it’s just too cute and Adeline loves it. Winner.

3. I love putting Adeline’s hair up. Adeline loves pulling her hair out. If I see her do it, she immediately makes this shocked face like, “I have no idea what happened, Mom, it just EXPLODED whaaaaaaaat.” I actually managed to capture this face with a grainy iPhone snap and it’s my blog and I think it’s hilarious so I will now inflict it on you.

You’re welcome.

4. Back in January, Alex and I used our Goodreads apps to set “Reading Goals” for 2016. I dreamt big (real big) and punched in 30. Thirty books. I just finished #16, so…I’m behind. I blame The Betrothed. I just got all the Penderwicks books from the library though and I think that will give me a good boost. They’re technically children’s books but I heard them recommended so I am…checking them out for Adeline. They remind me a lot of Canadian Summer and the other Mitchell books, if you’re familiar with those. 

5. I do also read actual adult books. I just finished Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See, which I was in line for on the library app for about six months. Worth the wait. It’s a WWII novel, so there are some brutal moments, HOWEVER Doerr isn’t gratuitous with his violence. I think overall, I’d recommend it for fellow adults. His writing is gorgeous.

6. They let us take flowers from the arrangements at Grandmama’s funeral and besides the massive blooming bouquet of stock in shades of purple on my table, I’m really enjoying this sweet little bunch.

It reminds me a lot of the kinds of things Grandmama and I used to arrange with random stuff from her yard. Makes me smile.

7. Baby’s awake. TTFN.


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