Sunday Stroll

We’ve been trying to cut back on screen time around here. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes not. One of the things we like doing when we’re succeeding at this is to take little evening saunters around our neighborhood. All the rain lately has really cooled things off and yesterday it was so pleasant…the breeze even felt vaguely (dare I say it) autumnal.


Ha ha. Don’t worry, Texas, I know you’re only teasing.

My sweet peeps are so much fun. They always seem to be so entertained with one another. For example: Alex gave Miss A one of these little purple Dr. Seuss flowers and she didn’t seem to be sure if she liked it or not.


But they made friends.


I used to offer to bring the backpack or the stroller for these walks, but Alex always said no, he wanted to carry her.


And she always wants to be carried by him, so it works out well.


They’re usually chatting away about something. He hands her things and she considers them, and tells us her thoughts in baby babble. Sometimes her thoughts are very serious.


That actually just makes it funnier, usually. Daddy is very good at keeping a straight face, though. The two of them just melt my heart.


I get so much fun out of imagining how she’ll remember him when she’s older and looking back on her childhood…he makes everything so exciting. They don’t just walk under the tree that hasn’t been trimmed, they bravely plunge in to explore the untamed suburbian wilds.


He’s always telling her how sweet and delightful she is, even when she’s being silly.


I can’t help feeling she’s going to see her childhood as one long adventure with a Daddy like this.


She’s always a pretty bold little lady, but I love how especially brave she gets when he’s around.


I think she knows he’s right there, and she can be fearless because when he is, nothing can touch her.



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