The Annual Advent Spaz

I emerge from my blogging retirement to talk to you about my third-favorite subject. (Second being my completely perfect children, first being the major-brilliant totally-awesome arm-candy Man I Married.)

Third being Advent.

YOU GUYS. I luuuuv it so muuuuch.

In spite of my undying fandom of Advent, I will now attempt to write like an Actual Adult. 

Confession: not to spark a major controversy here or anything, but I actually really like seeing Christmas thingies appearing everywhere. I like it a super lot. I wander around gleefully ogling aisle upon aisle of glittering red and green stuffs, and I’m not particular about where. Well, okay, maybe slight preference to Hobby Lobby, (okay maybe major preference to Hobby Lobby) but I am not above something like the HEB Christmas section either. This is partly because I hate nasty Halloween creeper mask thingies and crap (sorry, Mom) hanging around everywhere and I SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO TO COSTCO WTHOUT A SPECIAL TRIP AROUND THE CACKLING WTCHES THAT FREAK MY TODDLER OUT and I am so glad they are GONE and replaced by all the pretty things and also partly because I! Love! Advent!

Oh, right, I was going to be an Actual Adult. 

Now that I’ve alienated half my meager readership by an appreciation for Christmas being out before Thansgiving and also hating on Halloween.

I’ve started lining up some activities and devotionals for my own personal most wonderful time of the year, and it occurred to me that if anybody else was looking around now might be a good time to start planning ahead. So I’ll share with the class like I know what’s up with Advent. I don’t, but I am a professional fan, so, there is that. 

Advent Calendar 2016

November 27th – First Sunday of Advent

  • We’ll start our Jesse Tree and Advent Wreath this day. This year Christmas Day is a Sunday, which means four full, complete, perfect weeks of Advent. If you don’t already have a Jesse Tree set, I definitely recommend looking around as there are loads of beautiful options. My mama bought and laminated this set I’m not sure how long ago, and it is still my favorite one out there. However, we use one I got free with my Waiting in the Word Scripture Study last year. It was a printable coloring set for children, and since my kiddo was 6 months old and didn’t care, I printed them out on purple cardstock and painted them with gold leaf and a darker purple. They turned out to be fairly grown-up looking and are working well for right now. Alex reads us the accompanying Sripture verses for each evening and we hang our ornament and light our candle/s and it was wondrous last year. 

December 1st – St. Edmund Campion

  • Working on this one, but I LOVE THIS SAINT and I always wish I had thought of something to do. Maybe this is the year…

December 5th and 6th – St. Nicholas day

  • What we do instead of Santa Claus on Christmas Day. I grew up with this tradition and loved it. We put shoes out by the fireplace on the evening of the 5th, then they are filled with presents the next morning, on his feast day. My mom had a movie about St. Nicholas that we watched and we had parties and cookie decorating and it was super fabulous. My mom was always so good at these things. I aspire to her awesomeness.

December 8th – The Immaculate Conception

  • HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION. Anybody have good ideas to celebrate Mama Mary after we go to Mass?

December 11th – Gaudete Sunday

  • Or, as you may know it, The Pink Sunday! (For the record: it’s rose.) We have worked on ironing out our Christmas traditions since we were married, and while we previously attempted saving our Christmas Tree for Christmas Eve, that got gnarly and unworkable. Read: you maybe cannot find a tree on Christmas Eve. We decided this year, we’ll go for the tree on this Rejoicing Sunday, bring it home, but not decorate it…yet.

December 12th – Our Lady of Guadalupe

  • Mama Mary again! I am working on making this a good celebration in our little family, but I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas and this feast day is a big freaking deal. Maybe this year is the year I nail it. 

December 13th – Santa Lucia

  • !!!!! I love this one. We started this last year with Adeline and I’ve been looking forward to it since December 14th of last year. We dress her in a fairly-traditional Santa Lucia costume, minus the candles on her head, invite some friends over for a small dessert party, and turn on the Christmas lights! Last year that meant our apartment patio, this year it will include our otherwise-undecorated Christmas tree. Since her name means “light”, it seems like an appropriate way to celebrate. I think her costume may actually become Adeline’s St. Nicholas day gift. 

December 24th – Christmas Eve

  • Decorate the Tree! Maybe help decorate the Church! Maybe make it to Midnight Mass!  Maybe do all the things! Maybe get sick like last year! The possibilities are endless. *wink wink*

Did I miss any big days? What about you?  Any big ideas for the pleasantest penitential season in the liturgical year?


3 thoughts on “The Annual Advent Spaz

  1. I love this! I love Advent too. Although I count down the days until the day after Thanksgiving before all the celebrations begin. 😉

    Advent this year will be even more special, more significant, as we will be welcoming our little boy into the world in the first week of December, probably on St. Nicholas day! This follows our baby Faith who was delivered on Ash Wednesday stillborn. I love God’s significance in these tiny lives!

    On lighter topics, the day after Thanksgiving thee Christmas music begins!! It is non stop for the duration of the Christmas season, which I can sometimes convince Hubby continues until Epiphany.
    We start the Advent wreath the first Sunday of Advent and do a weekly family devotional around the candles. We’ve been using this devotional the last couple years.
    During the first week of December we take a walk around our property to find a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. There are always new pine trees sprouting up so we look for the best one for the year. I have a feeling in the future this will be a birthday celebration for Little Man just as it was for my mom growing up. We decorate as soon as we are able, which is sometimes same day, sometimes a week later. I’m hoping to get it decorated before baby comes this year! I love placing all the ornaments in just the right spot and remembering all the memories and the loved ones who have gone before me as I place ornaments from them on the tree.
    We haven’t done anything for St. Nicholas Day, but growing up we oftentimes put out my mom’s old Dutch wooden shoes. I also did St. Lucia a couple years. I loved it because of Kirsten of the American Girl dolls!
    Christmas Eve is the pinnacle of Advent for me. It is my favorite of the whole season. We go to Christmas Eve service, then come home and light the Christ candle. Then the kids can open one gift that is already under the tree. After they go to bed we get to play ‘Santa,’ although they know that all the gifts from us.
    Christmas morning we all wake up and open the gifts. It takes a long time in our house! Not because of the number, but because the girls want to take time with each gift, and we figure there’s no rush! Little Monster’s 2nd Christmas took two days to open everything!
    So those are our traditions. I love seeing what other families do in their homes!


    1. I love this! I dream of someday having a December/Christmas baby, so I think your little man is getting a really great start in life. And so beautiful that this sweet gift is coming after the loss of your precious daughter…our rainbow baby is due around Easter, so I absolutely understand loving it when we see God working through all these details as He unfolds something beautiful in our lives. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. All I ever hear is how awful it is to have a Christmas birthday. lol. I hope we can make it special for him every year so that he grows to love Christmas as much as I do!


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