Year In A Nutshell

I keep wanting to start this up again and I think, “Where do I start? What big cool piece could I write that resuscitates a blog from a year-long coma?”

Well…I’ll get back to you on that.

A year ago, I wrote about how we’d discerned a move to Tennessee for our little family. A year later, here we are. We love it oodles. It’s just the most gorgeous place to live. Every week that passes, I find myself thinking, “I luv ya, Texas, but dang it, YOU’RE HOT.” I do love Texas. I will always love Texas. I will always be proud of being Texan.

I am also extremely happy to be in a place with four seasons which are not “Hot, Hotter, Hot and Humid and HURRICANES, Slightly Less Hot But CEDAR.”

I’m sure you understand.

We had Autumn!


And Winter!


And we’re getting Spring-y!


It’s amazing. The light changes and the landscape changes and I never get tired of opening the door and being amazed about ALL THE FRESH AIR.

(The caps are really getting excessive, aren’t they? SO very sorry.)

I have also discovered a profound loathing for horseflies, but…all in all, I’ll still take it.

We considered sending out a little Christmas letter but just getting pictures on the Christmas card was enough of a titanic struggle, so…we did not do a letter, little or otherwise. Maybe this can count.

Let’s start with my fave, Alex – he’s super. He’s gorgeous. He’s super gorgeous.


He’s pretty much the cream of the crop at the Dad Life, and I love watching my people be together. He and Adeline make waffles every weekend, read books, build blocks, and occasionally watch some classic Donald Duck.


They have all these little inside jokes and listening to them tell each other stories is really just too much, I don’t know why my head doesn’t just explode already.


He’s amazing at his work, which he’s really enjoying. The school is a terrific fit for him in many many ways, and he really gets to shine. That’s a lot of fun to watch, too.

Then there’s Adeline. Ohhhh, Miss A.


She’s smart. So smart. She’s started telling me stories…”Mama. Mama. Lemme tellah story just right quick, mmkay?”

You betcha, babe.

She keeps up with kids much older than her, talks up a storm, and loves to be given “work.” She asks to help all the time and takes her little jobs very seriously. Her table-setting skills are nothing to sniff at. She’s got mean picking-up skills. Her tea parties are becoming legendary. And if I forget to affirm her efforts, she asks, “Did I do good work, Mama?” She loves being read to. She loves dresses. She loves going for walks. She loves visiting Daddy at school. She loves the cat. She loves to have “abbentures.” She loves pretty much everything except for getting her clothes dirty, unless it means she gets a wardrobe change, which she also loves.


Fashionable, no matter the occasion.

And our mister Magnus, he’s…pretty much the best little dude baby ever.


He’s super mellow, unless you make him mad, which takes a lot but when he mad, HE MAD. He’s just growing more fast than I can handle, and the wood floors are really pretty but also really hard, so every time he takes a spill and I hear the crack of baby head on hardwood, my heart dies in a new spot. I’m always trying to catch him and cushion him and also not be a helicopter mom and it’s all very conflicting but he seeeeeems fine. So far.


And I’m just tootling along with these folks. Finally feeling like a normal person after having-a-baby-and-moving-across-the-country. Enjoying my little New Year habits of taking any chance to beworking on photography, hand lettering, and pretty stuff. (No, really, I have a New Year Resolution to “make things pretty.” Very fun resolution.) I also have a resolution to try to be a blogger again, so we’ll see how that goes, won’t we?

There we have it! Year in a Nutshell. I think I even included some previously unshared kid pictures, whaaaaat. We all know that’s why you’re here. *wink wink*.


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