Books For Bebes

Books for Bebes

It’s been a string of rainy days around here. Which, being a good pluviophile, I mostly don’t mind. I actually don’t mind any weather that doesn’t include horseflies and ticks, so…it’s fine. It also makes snuggling on the couch to read a lot of fun, which inspired me with the brilliant idea of asking my peeps to make a list of ten favorite books to share with ye ol’ blog readers. It took them approximately three minutes to rattle these gems off. Each one is a regular request from Miss A, and each one is also a book these parental units don’t mind reading twice in a row.

The Maggie B.” by Irene Haas – This. Book. A little girl makes a wish to “sail for a day, alone and free” and it comes true! She’s kind, industrious, talented, brave, imaginative, and charming. Definitely the top of this whole list, I think there’s a good chance we could relay the story with our eyes closed. Except then we wouldn’t get to soak up the delightful pictures, which I never get tired of looking at. We love it so much it’s probably the next birthday party theme. This book is so good it deserves its own blog post about how awesome it is.

The Napping House by Don & Audrey Wood – Adeline’s godmother gave us this one, and it quickly became a favorite. A good one for nap time, but also for rainy days, so it had to be on this list. Don and Audrey Wood are a great team, and we also have their King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub, another fave. So, there’s a bonus book.

Eloise Wilkin Stories – we pretty much just love Eloise Wilkin. I guess this counts as another bonus because there’s a truckload of stories in the one volume. I mostly love/don’t mind them all except the endless one about Terry, which I pretty much hate for some reason and won’t read. Adeline gets to that one and says: “Mommy doesn’t like Terry. Only Daddy likes Terry.” Which is fairly accurate except Daddy doesn’t like Terry either, really, but he’s a more selfless parent and WILL read it. Everything else in there, and there are something like eight other books, is great though. Just not Terry. Unless you like Terry, which is cool, but who even are you?

Pride & Prejudice: A BabyLit® Counting Primer – we have a handful of Babylit books and really like them all. I’m telling you this one because a lot of you will appreciate that Adeline calls it “Mr. Collins and Lizzy” which is hilarious and also probably what that infamous and oily clergyman would have liked the book to be called. We also love M is for Monocle and if you want to hear your toddler strolling about the house chanting, “O is for Omnibus! L is for Locomotive!” then you should own this book, too.

Mr. Picklepaw’s Popcorn – I actually don’t know where we got this from. A library book sale? A considerate and tasteful relative? Inherited? I don’t know. It’s here, though, and it’s a hoot. Adeline is a passionate lover of both popcorn and this book and I don’t know which trait is the original one, but they seem to “feed” into each other, if you’ll allow me to say so. Listening to Alex read this in his best down-home country boy voice is a real entertainment, as well.

Tomie DePaola Bible Stories – we love this one. Who doesn’t love Tomie DePaola? I really wanted a Bible for her that was *actually* the Bible and not paraphrasing, so this one is perfect and she pulls it out regularly. Actually, we were in Mass the other day and the reading was Jonah, which we had just read from her Tomie dePaola Bible quite by accident. She turned to me, beaming with excitement, and whisper-shouted, “JUST LIKE IN MY BIBLE!” Definitely one of the better whisper-shouts she’s ever whisper-shouted in church. All the parents know what I’m sayin’.

The Farmer in the Dell by Ilse Plume – this is a sweet little book. I don’t know where this one came from either, but she drags its little bedraggled self out on the reg and listening to her sing along to it is pretty stinking cute.

The Ring o’Roses Treasury – Rhymes and lovely illustrations. What else can you ask for in a book? Our kiddo reeeeally loves nursery rhymes and you pretty much can’t get better than the pictures in this collection.

A Small Miracle by Peter Collington – my ahhhmazing mama-in-love gave us this. Everybody needs one. This book is a perfect example of the expression that pictures are worth a thousand words…there aren’t any words. It’s a series of pictures that tell a very moving story. We pulled it out during Advent and Adeline had to have it “read” to her AT LEAST ONCE OR HOPEFULLY TWICE A DAY EVERY SINGLE DAY until we finally put it away in the Christmas boxes at the beginning of February. She calls it “The Chipsy Woman” because the main character is a little old gypsy lady. There’s also a bad guy dubbed “Stephen Snicklebee” by Alexander the Great Namer Of Things and hearing Adeline say “I need to see the Chipsy Woman and Stephen Snicklebee” was enough to make you curl up and die of cuteness. The illustrations are really profound and even after allllllll those readings, we were still finding new details in the pictures. All these words to tell you about a wordless book…You need it. The End.

Appelard and Liverwurst by Mercer Mayer – Ha! Sorry, that’s just what we always say when she pulls this book out. It’s funny. It’s cute. It’s charming. It’s hilarious. And there’s a sequel.

We’re a book family for sure, so we always love getting suggestions. What are your fave kiddo reads?


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